Phrasal verbs

phrasal verb

the meaning of the phrasal verb

ask sb out

invite on a date

ask around

ask many people the same question

add up to sth


back sth up


back sb up


be into sth

like sth

blow up


blow sth up

add air

break down

stop functioning (vehicle, machine)

break down

get upset

break sth down

divide into smaller parts

break in

force entry to a building

break into sth

enter forcibly

break sth in

wear sth a few times so that it doesn't look/feel new

break in


break up

end a relationship

break up

start laughing (informal)

break out


break out in sth

develop a skin condition

bring sb down

make unhappy

bring sb up

raise a child

bring sth up

start talking about a subject

bring sth up


call around

phone many different places/people

call sb back

return a phone call

call sth off


call on sb

ask for an answer or opinion

call on sb

visit sb

call sb up


calm down

relax after being angry

not care for sb/ sth

not like (formal)

catch up

get to the same point as sb else

check in

arrive and register at a hotel or airport

check out

leave a hotel

check sb/ sth out

look at carefully, investigate

check out sb/ sth

look at (informal)

cheer up

become happier

cheer sb up

make happier

chip in


clean sth up

tidy, clean

come across sth

find unexpectedly

come apart


come down with sth

become sick

come forward

volunteer for a task or to give evidence

come from somewhere

originate in

count on sb/ sth

rely on

cross sth out

draw a line through

cut back on sth

consume less

cut sth down

make sth fall to the ground

cut in


cut in

pull in too closely in front of another vehicle

cut in

start operating (of an engine or electrical device)

cut sth off

remove with sth sharp

cut sth off

stop providing

cut sb off

take out of a will

cut sth out

remove part of sth (usually with scissors and paper)

do sb/ sth over

beat up, ransack (BrE, informal)

do sth over

do again (AmE)

do away with sth


do sth up

fasten, close

dress up

wear nice clothing

drop back

move back in a position/group

drop in/ by/ over

come without an appointment

drop sb/ sth off

take sb/ sth somewhere and leave them/it there

drop out

quit a class, school etc

eat out

eat at a restaurant

end up

eventually reach/do/decide

fall apart

break into pieces

fall down

fall to the ground

fall out

separate from an interior

fall out

(of hair, teeth) become loose and unattached

figure sth out

understand, find the answer

fill sth in

to write information in blanks, as on a form (BrE)

fill sth out

to write information in blanks, as on a form (AmE)

fill sth up

fill to the top

find out


find sth out


get sth across/ over

communicate, make understandable

get along/on

like each other

get around

have mobility

get away

go on a vacation

get away with sth

do without being noticed or punished

get back


get sth back

receive sth you had before

get back at sb

retaliate, take revenge

get back into sth

become interested in sth again

get on sth

step onto a vehicle

get over sth

recover from an illness, loss, difficulty

get over sth

overcome a problem

get round to sth

finally find time to do (AmE: get around to sth)

get together

meet (usually for social reasons)

get up

get out of bed

get up


give sb away

reveal hidden information about sb

give sb away

take the bride to the altar

give sth away

ruin a secret

give sth away

give sth to sb for free

give sth back

return a borrowed item

give in

reluctantly stop fighting or arguing

give sth out

give to many people (usually at no cost)

give sth up

quit a habit

give up

stop trying

go after sb

follow sb

go after sth

try to achieve sth

go against sb

compete, oppose

go ahead

start, proceed

go back

return to a place

go out

leave home to go on a social event

go out with sb


go over sth


go over

visit sb nearby

go without sth

suffer lack or deprivation

grow apart

stop being friends over time

grow back


grow into sth

grow big enough to fit

grow out of sth

get too big for

grow up

become an adult

hand sth down

give sth used to sb else

hand sth in


hand sth out

to distribute to a group of people

hand sth over

give (usually unwillingly)

hang in

stay positive (informal)

hang on

wait a short time (informal)

hang out

spend time relaxing (informal)

hang up

end a phone call

hold sb/ sth back

prevent from doing/going

hold sth back

hide an emotion

hold on

wait a short time

hold onto sb/ sth

hold firmly using your hands or arms

hold sb/ sth up


keep on doing sth

continue doing

keep sth from sb

not tell

keep sb/ sth out

stop from entering

keep sth up

continue at the same rate

let sb down

fail to support or help, disappoint

let sb in

allow to enter

log in (or on)

sign in (to a website, database etc)

log out (or off)

sign out (of a website, database etc)

look after sb/ sth

take care of

look down on sb

think less of, consider inferior

look for sb/ sth

try to find

look forward to sth

be excited about the future

look into sth


look out

be careful, vigilant, and take notice

look out for sb/ sth

be especially vigilant for

look sth over

check, examine

look sth up

search and find information in a reference book or database

look up to sb

have a lot of respect for

make sth up

invent, lie about sth

make up

forgive each other

make sb up

apply cosmetics to

mix sth up

confuse two or more things

pass away


pass out


pass sth out

give the same thing to many people

pass sth up

decline (usually sth good)

pay sb back

return owed money

pay for sth

be punished for doing sth bad

pick sth out


point sb/ sth out

indicate with your finger

put sth down

put what you are holding on a surface or floor

put sb down

insult, make sb feel stupid

put sth off


put sth out


put sth together


put up with sb/ sth


put sth on

put clothing/ accessories on your body

run into sb/ sth

meet unexpectedly

run over sb/ sth

drive a vehicle over a person or thing

run over/ through sth

rehearse, review

run away

leave unexpectedly, escape

run out

have none left

send sth back

return (usually by mail)

set sth up

arrange, organize

set sb up

trick, trap

shop around

compare prices

show off

act extra special for people watching (usually boastfully)

sleep over

stay somewhere for the night (informal)

sort sth out

organize, resolve a problem

stick to sth

continue doing sth, limit yourself to one particular thing

switch sth off

stop the energy flow, turn off

switch sth on

start the energy flow, turn on

take after sb

resemble a family member

take sth apart

purposely break into pieces

take sth back

return an item

take off

start to fly

take sth off

remove sth (usually clothing)

take sth out

remove from a place or thing

take sb out

pay for sb to go somewhere with you

tear sth up

rip into pieces

think back

remember (often + to, sometimes + on)

think sth over


throw sth away

dispose of

turn sth down

decrease the volume or strength (heat, light etc)

turn sth down


turn sth off

stop the energy flow, switch off

turn sth on

start the energy, switch on

turn sth up

increase the volume or strength (heat, light etc)

turn up

appear suddenly

try sth on

sample clothing

try sth out


use sth up

finish the supply

wake up

stop sleeping

warm sb/ sth up

increase the temperature

warm up

prepare body for exercise

wear off

fade away

work out


work out

be successful

work sth out

make a calculation