Prepositions » VERB + PREPOSITIONS

Verb + Prep

to account for

to accuse sb of sth

to adapt to

to add sb/sth to sb/sth

to add to

to adjust to

to admit sth to sb

to admit to

to agree on

to agree to

to agree with

to apologize to sb for sth

to appeal to sb for sth

to approve of

to argue with sb about sb/sth

to argue with sb over sth

to arrange for sb (to do sth)

to arrest sb for sth

to arrive at (a place)

to ask for

to base on

to be absent from (a place)

to be accustomed to

to be acquainted with

to be addicted to sth

to be afraid of

to be angry at sb for sth

to be angry with sb for sth

to be annoyed at sb for sth

to be annoyed with sb for sth

to be anxious about sth

to be associated with

to be aware of

to be blessed with

to be bored by

to be bored with

to be capable of sth

to be cluttered with sth

to be committed to

to be composed of

to be concerned about

to be connected to

to be connected with

to be content with

to be convinced of sth

to be coordinated with sth

to be crowded in (a building or room)

to be crowded with (people)

to be dedicated to

to be devoted to

to be disappointed in

to be disappointed with

to be discouraged by

to be discouraged from (doing sth)

to be discriminated against

to be divorced from sb

to be done with sth

to be dressed in

to be encouraged with

to be engaged in sth

to be engaged to sb

to be envious of

to be equipped with sth

to be excited about

to be exposed to

to be faced with

to be faithful to

to be familiar with

to be famous for

to be filled with

to be finished with

to be fond of

to be friendly to sb

to be friendly with sb

to be frightened by

to be frightened of

to be furnished with sth

to be grateful to sb for sth

to be guilty of sth

to be happy about sth

to be innocent of sth

to be interested in

to be involved in sth

to be involved with

to be jealous of

to be known for sth

to be limited to

to be made from sth

to be made of (material)

to be married to

to be opposed to

to be patient with sb

to be pleased with

to be polite to sb

to be prepared for

to be protected from

to be proud of

to be related to

to be relevant to

to be remembered for sth

to be responsible for

to be satisfied with

to be scared of

to be terrified of

to be thankful for

to be tired from (doing sth)

to be tired of (doing sth)

to be worried about

to beg for

to begin with

to believe in

to belong to

to benefit from

to blame sb for sth

to blame sth on sb

to boast about

to borrow sth from sb

to care about

to care for

to catch up with

to cater to

to charge sb for sth

to charge sb with sth

to choose between sb/sth and sb/sth

to choose sth from sth

to collide with

to come from

to comment on

to communicate with sb

to compare sb/sth to sb/sth

to compare sb/sth with sb/sth

to compete with

to complain about

to compliment sb on sth

to concentrate on

to concern sb with sth

to confess to

to confuse sb/sth with sb/sth

to congratulate sb on sth

to consent to sth

to consist of

to contribute to sth

to convict sb of sth

to cope with

to correspond with sb

to count on

to cover with

to crash into

to cure sb of sth

to deal with

to decide against

to decide between sb/sth and sb/sth

to decide on

to dedicate sth to sb

to demand sth from sb

to depend on

to derive sth from sth

to deter sb from sth

to devote sth to sb

to differ from

to disagree with

to disapprove of

to discourage sb from sth

to discuss sth with sb

to distinguish between sb/sth and sb/sth

to distinguish sb/sth from sb/sth

to distract sb from sth

to dream about

to dream of

to dress sb in sth

to drink to

to elaborate on sth

to emerge from sth

to escape from (a place)

to exchange sb/sth for sb/sth

to exclude sb from sth

to excuse sb for sth

to expel sb from (a place)

to experiment on

to explain sth to sb

to feel about

to feel like

to fight about

to fight against

to fight for

to fight with

to forget about

to forgive sb for sth

to gamble on

to gawk at

to gaze at

to get back from (a place)

to get married to sb

to get rid of

to get through with

to get tired of

to get used to

to give sth to sb

to glare at

to gloat at

to grieve for

to gripe at sb

to grumble at sb about sth

to happen to

to harp on

to hear about

to hear from sb

to hear of

to help sb with sth

to hide sth from sb

to hinder sb/sth from sth

to hinge on

to hope for

to insist on

to insure against

to interfere in sth

to interfere with sth

to introduce sb/sth to sb/sth

to invest in

to invite sb to

to involve sb/sth in sth

to jabber about

to joke about

to joke with sb about sb/sth

to jot down sth

to keep on (doing sth)

to keep sb/sth from (doing sth)

to keep sth for sb

to know about

to laugh about

to laugh at

to learn about

to lend sth to sb

to listen for

to listen to

to long for

to look at

to look forward to

to meet with sb

to mistake sb/sth for sb/sth

to nod at

to nod to

to object to

to operate on

to participate in sth

to pay for

to persist in

to plan on

to praise sb for sth

to pray for

to prefer sb/sth to sb/sth

to prepare for

to present sb with sth

to prevent sb/sth from (doing sth)

to prohibit sb from (doing sth)

to provide for

to provide sb with sth

to provide sb/sth for sb

to punish sb for sth

to quarrel with sb about sth

to quarrel with sb over sth

to react to

to recover from sth

to refer to sth

to relate to

to rely on

to remind sb of sb/sth

to reply to

to rescue sb from sb/sth

to resign from sth

to respond to

to result in sth

to retire from sth

to save sb from sth

to search for

to sentence sb to sth

to separate sb/sth from sb/sth

to share sth with sb

to shout at

to show sth to sb

to smile at sb

to speak to sb about sb/sth

to specialize in sth

to spend (money/time) on

to stand for

to stare at

to stem from

to stop sb from (doing sth)

to subject sb to sth

to subscribe to

to substitute sb/sth for sb/sth

to subtract sth from sth

to succeed at sth

to succeed in (doing sth)

to suffer from

to suspect sb of sth

to take advantage of

to take care of

to talk about

to talk to

to tell sb about sth

to thank sb for sth

to think about

to think of

to toast to

to translate sth into (a language)

to trust sb with sth

to turn to

to use sth for sth

to vote against

to vote for

to wait for

to warn about

to waste (money/time) on

to wish for

to work for

to work on

to worry about

to write about

to write to sb

to yap about

to yearn for